Matthew Testimony

Since I have started my internship in May, it has been a stretching on my inner man. I started my internship thinking ” well this is not going to be any different from what I have been doing.” speaking of me plugging into the outreach dept. Every day of my second year, I thought I was going to stay in the flow of what I was doing before, wow was I wrong. All through my first and second year I was plugged in the outreach department, helping in outreaches, teaching soul winning classes, cleaning and taking out the trash. After doing that for two years I was thinking internship piece of cake. May 27th I started internship and within that week I think I had my first thoughts of dropping out.
The stretching has been mainly in the area of my character and my patience. As in my first and second year, I had other activities with the school to do which took up time. While in internship it is 9-5, just internship. With that comes more responsibility and leadership that is required from you. The Lord has done a lot on the inside of me in the past three months. ┬áHe has shown me things that need to be changed and things that need to be increased. I’m looking forward to see what God has for me next.


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