Tiffany Testimony

Matthew chapter 13, Jesus speaks to the multitudes about a sower going forth to sow seed. As Pastor Rodney brought forth this message, it brought me back to the reason why I turned my life around. My whole life fell under the parable of hearing the Word of God but having it never take root. My understanding of where I was in my relationship with God had not truly revealed itself to me. I was a lukewarm Christian and just knew that I was better off than my friends because unlike them I was going to church on Sunday. In the beginning of September 2011, I went two whole weeks feeling empty and decided to just go out more. This of course did not work in filling this void I had. For a couple of weeks at my church, Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, MD, Bishop Don spoke about being lukewarm. During the service my Spirit revealed to me that I was not on fire for Christ and I needed to repent. I decided to cry out to God for a better understanding of the word and for Him to fill me. After going to Bible study throughout that week I no longer felt empty but full of joy. My heart was receptive to the sermons and my relationship with God began to grow. When I cried out to God I promised myself and Him that I would no longer put anything or anyone before Him. I started to submerge myself in His presence and in His word. Every service I cried out for Him to clean me and to take out anything that was not of Him. I became diligent in spending time with my Heavenly Father, and the word of God is now taking root.