Deborah L. Testimony

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I first applied for RBI in 2009. I was accepted however it was not yet God’s timing. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to attend school.

Two years later I am a student of RBI. I consider it a privilege to be a student during this Historic time of the Great Awakening that is taking place.

God is doing a deep work in my heart. The Fire of God is destroying yokes of bondage off my life. I feel lighter and freer.

God has given me more boldness to be a witness for Him and is using me to lead people to Jesus.

God is providing for me. He has blessed me with a laptop, clothes, and $120.00 from  unexpected sources. This has increased my faith.

God is giving me a deeper passion for those who need Jesus and is helping me see other people and myself through His eyes.

God has blessed me with peace, joy, and inner healing.

Every time I get prayed for the fire and touch of God gets stronger and is more intense. One night after getting prayed for I got up off the floor and had to be helped to the car. When I arrived home I had to be helped to my apartment because I could hardly walk I was so intoxicated on new wine. To the natural eye it would have appeared I was drunk on alcohol.

I could not speak in English I could only speak in tongues. I spoke in tongues all night until I fell asleep.

Since being here I feel like I am doing something worthwhile with my life and making an Eternal difference.

I am growing up spiritually. God is restoring me.

Rodney Howard Browne – Now I know why RBI in 2009 was not in God’s timing…..Deborah L.