Grace H. Testimony

During the three weeks of revival meetings at the River, God rearranged many things in my heart. The very first meeting on Monday morning, God told me that I needed to tell my family what I went through during my preteen years. I’ve never told them how I used to be very depressed and how I hated my life. Many times I would cry at night thinking how I wanted to kill myself. At another morning service, I got in line to get prayed for. I fell under the power of God, and about an hour later I got up. During that hour on the floor, God’s power was rushing all over me. God told me that he was healing my heart. He told me that it wasn’t my fault. That I was an innocent victim of the devil’s schemes.

Many times I blamed myself for what happened. But God completely healed me. I was able to tell my family all about it, and I can already see that God is doing a work in our family. God has also been confirming many of the dreams that I have held in my heart for many years. Now I know that I know that I will be used in China to reach out to the girls who are in the brothels and stuck in the sex trafficking industry. One night after I got prayed for, I was laughing on the floor and then all of a sudden I started speaking in a new language.

Jarrett G. Testimony

If I had to describe the last three weeks of my life I would have to say freedom and breakthrough. The first week of RBI was amazing and very challenging at the same time. My body was physically pushed to its limit but my spirit was really pressing in to the presence of the Lord.  Every single morning and afternoon was filled with landmark moments and encounters with precious Holy Spirit. The Lord dealt with me head on with some very serious and important areas of my life. I could literally feel the bondage of past hurts being lifted daily.

Our Father used every single pastor on staff to speak to me personally during every day of orientation. Reverend Puder ministered to my heart dearly, especially when describing his first thoughts about the gospel soul winning script. I had a very similar attitude myself and had prayed very hard for the Lord to give me peace and direction about it. Obedience and submission have been major themes of mine throughout this whole process. Priceless teachings and messages of honor and purity have forever pierced my heart and changed me radically. Just simply being in this atmosphere of the anointing alone has brought deliverance, healing, and restoration to my soul. I am forever changed and free of so much junk that was really hindering my walk. For this I am eternally grateful and thankful that the Lord has placed me here.


Charity G. Testimony

I came down here in the beginning of June to Tampa, Florida. I was at a point in life where I wanted a new beginning for myself. I was tired of seeing my school, church, friends, family and my own life fall apart with no hope that it will come together ever again. I got to the point where I did want to come in front of God repenting for my sins because I knew I sinned and think why would He ever forgive me. When Revival Week started for RBI, I never would have thought that God would radically change my life in one single week.

Every day the power of God would touch me and I would be stuck on the floor for a good while laughing. Then one night on a Thursday night service, I came up for a alter call for boldness and I was smacked to the floor by the power of God. God was taking out so many things out and dealing with so many things on my heart that I was weeping from every thing that ever hurt me, everything that I was ashamed of who I was. God dealt with so much in my heart that I was walking around the next day wondering who I was. I couldn’t remember the person I use to be. I asked Pastor John that day why I had felt this way. He told me, it was because God made me into a New Creation, a butterfly coming out of a cocoon nest. That day I knew I was a new creation in Christ, everything was passed away, and I became a new person. I never knew I have such freedom in Christ. God changed me so much in one week more than any Bible camp, missions trip, and any counseling have every done in my lifetime. God’s salvation has never been such a true gift till now. Praise God for he loved me first before I loved Him.  Charity G.

Christa J. Testimony

At summer camp, with Pastors Allen and Kristin and the youth group August of 2010 God spoke to me and told me that my Rhema plans were not what he had for me. I had already gone to their college weekend and I was really trying to make it work so I could go there. God also informed me that I was going to go to the RSW. This past august at summer camp God confirmed his word again. The Fire of God touched me in a way it never has before. I literally felt fire all over my body and my face. I was screaming, crying and laughing all at the same time. While he was touching me he was showing me all the times in my life where the devil tried to steal my joy and how it DIDN’T work. He was showing me that I had victory in him. I knew from that night on that I was in the right place.

This RBI/RSW revival had been utterly life changing. God has really broken down walls I had no idea even existed. I now have an intense passion to be a radical giver. He has shown me how sewing and reaping REALLY works! On Thursday of the third week I gave my purse, my iPod and my electric guitar away as seed. I believed God for a laptop, a Mac Book specifically. On Sunday Dave Leszchek asked me to come out to the lobby and handed me his laptop which was exactly the laptop I had been believing God for! I was overwhelmed with joy and I just felt the love of God all over me. I was just blown away by his goodness. He provided for me exactly what I needed. He is so faithful.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me this year! It feels amazing to be doing the will of God and be directly in the center of what he has for me……Christa J.