Daniel W. Testimony

I am seeing many great things happening during this Great Awakening event at the River Church. God is moving mightily among many people. I am being touched and renewed by this conference. This week my testimony was great in many ways. I have been seeing people in our church volunteering and helping in many different areas.  For example, I went to the call center and it was exploding with phone calls. The phone was ringing off the hook. Our member were praying for people and people were getting healed, saved, set free and developing spiritually. Many people were asking for prayer for  the fire of God in their life.

Pastor Rodney’s message and teachings were extremely well delivered and received. Pastor Rodney was talking about the history of Pentecost, and the cost associated for acquiring the anointing. The meetings are pivotal for the body of Christ in America, in order  to advance and take ground for Jesus. We have to count the cost for eternity is at stake, because souls need to be saved. His power is his love for people; the cross is where we first come to Jesus. We need the Holy Spirit to go to the next level so we can receive power to be a witness for Jesus Christ! It’s amazing to see hundreds of churches coming on board with the Great Awakening and becoming Soul Savings Stations. We need to preach the message raw as possible to save people from a devil’s hell. -Daniel W

Shaunalee F. Testimony

This week has been phenomenal as far as what is happening. People on the phones are getting saved, set free and healed when they call in to the broadcast. I was on the phones Tuesday when a woman called in and wanted her heavenly language. She had been baptized in the Holy Ghost for a month and wanted to speak in tongues since she did not have that yet. So I prayed with her and she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues. She said she was hot and sweat was trickling down her back also her breathing was great.

She had said her breathing was labored when she called so when the Holy Spirit filled her she could breathe just fine. I then asked her what else could she do now that she could not do before? She had not mentioned if she needed healing for anything other then her breathing. She said I don’t know let me check and all of a sudden she began yelling my arm it is moving and I said awesome Jesus healed you. You don’t understand I was in a severe car accident in which my left side was paralyzed due to brain injury. My arm has been clamped to my side for years.

I am moving papers back and forth on the table and lifting envelopes. I had her tell what was happening to our call center supervisor who said it was awesome she was getting touched. When I took the phone back, I again asked her what else can you do that you could not do before? Again she answered, I don’t know let me see as I heard noise in the background and her yelling, “my leg! I am moving my leg.” It was a bit slow at first but it is moving. Then she yelled, “I am standing with no assistance!” Praise the Lord Jesus who heals even before it is asked for! She was crying and laughing explaining that she had to relearn so much after the accident and she got her arm and leg healed all when she called for her heavenly prayer language! -Shaunalee F.