Nancy S. and Nicole M. Testimony

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In the Last couple of days of the Great Awakening meetings, the Lord has been touching me, he has been striping things off of me. He has given me a revelation of his love for me. Years ago, I wanted to end my life but by his grace I’m still alive today. I’m so thankful that the Lord saved me for just a time as this. I know the Lord has so much more give. I’ve been praying for several things, and it has come to passed. I’ve seen people from other churches coming to the meetings and getting touch with the Fire of God. Their were people coming from far areas to get train up for soul winning and going back to reach the people in their areas. Many people call in around the world wanted the Fire of God and getting saved. It has been a blessing to be part of what God is doing around the world. –Nancy S.

I am so excited to be a part of the Great Awakening Tour that is happening at The River Tampa Bay Church! I have been able to be in the call center answering phones and taking prayer requests. It is amazing to see and be able to share in what is happening over the phone lines every night! We are seeing people come to salvation, become baptized in the Holy Ghost, and be healed right over the phone!! It is truly a blessing to be able to minister the fire of God to people and experience God’s children being touched and hear the change and hear the positive things that come out of the caller’s mouths after we pray. It’s seeing and hearing the hope be restored in their lives and them coming to the realization that God loves them and there is someone out there who will talk and pray with them and show them that they care.  In a world that is lost and dying and crying out for something more, we are making a difference because we are standing behind the vision of Pastors Rodney and Adonica. I am blessed to be able to serve underneath a ministry such as theirs and it is truly humbling to be the vessel that God is using to reach His children. I am so glad that I am able to pray and agree with each person that calls and I encourage everyone to either attend the services at The River or to watch us Live on CTN at 7:30 pm EST. –Nicole M.

A part of the Great Awakening

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

As a student of my second year of RBI it’s a real privilege and an honor not only to attend, but also to be a part of the Great Awakening leaded by pastor Rodney Howard-Browne every single evening at Tampa. The Great Awakening is here !!! America is being shaken by the fire of God through people who are really filled with the Holy Ghost. The power of God works in so many amazing ways that words are not enough to express how each of us feels with the events occurring in front of our eyes. I have been really impacted by looking all the group of people working so hard with such enthusiasm for the* Call Center at the River *. The Call Center is fully equipped with prayer warriors praying and interceding firmly with the Holy Word of God and healings, miracles, signs and wonders are taking place in many cities around the world. Some of the places are Georgia, Missouri, Texas, New York, California, Oregon and Florida.

In less than two days they have received approximately 450 calls from all over U.S.A.

The awesome situations include people who have receive * Salvation * they never knew about the Lord, but now they know the truth about the only one Jesus !!!

Others have been blessed  regarding healing. One of the cases that touched me is about a guy from Georgia who called the prayer line for the return of something stolen from him, but received his eye restored after many years. Another case a lady from Missouri who had a pain in her back for five years then after praying with a student she got healed. The Lord is doing magnificent things such as delivering people from suicide and depression. Setting them FREE !!! Others speaking in tongues and laughing under the Holy Spirit for the first time. The river of joy has overflow from the people/students from the Call Center toward the persons on the other side of the phones. The Lord is not only the Healer, Provider, Counselor and Protector. He is the source of all and for all…….

The Miracles have instant results no matter the place. Amen !

Lets give the Lord all the glory and the praise……………..

The prayer warriors are waiting for you. The Great Awakening is here !!!!! –Maria H.