Wendy Testimony

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Went to nursing home with my sons, 12 and 14.  My 12 yr old went into a room by himself and began script.  When he asked the old woman the heaven question she answered “no, I can’t go to heaven because I have done such bad things.  The answer surprised my son so much that I stepped in and continued the script.  She prayed the prayer of salvation, but was still unsure and we were able to explain to her that Christ’s sacrifice covered all her sins.  She told us that she had left all her children and that’s why she couldn’t be forgiven.  But after we prayed she believed that her sins were forgiven.

This lady lost her keys so me and my sister approached her.  We asked her if she needed help finding them.  She said yes.  So we went out to find them and when we found them we brought them back to her.  We got back to her I asked her if I could ask her a couple questions.  And she asked Jesus to be her Lord and saviour!  I prayed for 13 people in 2 days.

4 adults 2 kids from church prayed with 10 people.  I was amazed at how easily everyone responded.  Our team led 14 people to the Lord.  # kids prayed and accepted Jesus.  One lady was waiting for us said she was thinking of finding a church because she was lonely.