Charlie H. Testimony

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I have been so stressed with things and work; I almost didn’t want to come to any services I didn’t have to go to. But I buckled down and came any ways. I have just been so worn out and tired. I sat thru every service and pressed in for something, anything to help me deal with all the pressure that is on me. I was feeling kind of depressed from all the pressure that has been on me. I wanted the fire of God and I wanted to get a new touch. I began to press in and I got my touch.

This was only night one. I began to shake under his present something that has ever happen to me. I kept pressing in and the next night it happens again, every night I was under the present of God. Depression dropped off of me and God gave me peace. This was something that I needed and longed for. God renewed me every time I need it. He gave me strength when I needed it. He changed me and made me happy to be me again even with everything going on.

He made me relies that I can sit around and have a pity party with everything going on or I could press in to him and receive his rest. I could press in to him or the things of the Lord but I had to make the choice and do it for myself. I had that authority to do so. I woke up from this dream world I was living in where I didn’t have to do anything. I released that there was something so much more then what I had and all I had to do was press in for it. It was an amazing meeting for me and changed my life bring me to the next level.