Richard P. Testimony

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Has participating in Soul Winning actually changed my life: if so, in what way? What would I not do before participating in Soul Winning on the streets and in nursing homes and hospitals that I will do now? I also need to address the question: are my actions an on-going fruitful, or a transient condition? Am I following my heart and the Great Commission, or just an exciting assignment in venues that heretofore would not have appealed to me, nor been available to me?

Although I have gone Soul Winning on a very limited basis in a former church, it was extremely difficult, as I then felt it necessary to force myself into situations and lives that left me feeling I was imposing. My career experience addressing and controlling large crowds in normally stressful situations was of no help in dealing on a one-to-one personal level as is the case in salvations.

The prepared Soul Winning script provides a guide and framework, a bridge or doorway permitting an opening into a person’s life in an unthreatening manner.

Knocking on project doors is something I would not have done nine months ago. Now it is something I enjoy. Visiting individuals in nursing homes and hospitals has been more fruitful and personally rewarding. Many memorable encounters have occurred and lives have been saved. I have availed myself of the joy of praying for and witnessing healings that have changed the quality of lives. Healed shoulders, chest pain relief, immobility cured, clouded minds made clear by our Savior, all bringing comfort and peace to folks who were more than shut-ins. Most of these people had been shut out of the joys of life.

Soul winning has become an area in my life that is no longer difficult. I know I can approach people that the Lord leads me to and show them the way to eternal life.

Regis A. Testimony

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Since making the River at Tampa Bay our home church in November of 2004, my wife and I have been trained to use the Gospel Soul Inning Script to win souls for the Kingdom. I know there are many people out there just like me, crying out for an answer many years ago. “God are you out there? Can you hear me? I need help and I need it now!” My answer came in February of 1997. Every person I approach to share the Gospel Soul WInning Script is another “Regis” receiving an answer to his asking.

Soul Winning has become engrafted into my very nature. It’s as easy as slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes. I have the script, my feet are shod, and I ready to reach people. Anywhere and everywhere from prison workers working on the roadside o Bus Stops, Gas Stations to the back stretch workers at the race track. I read the script and they follow along. If they speak Spanish, I just pull out my Spanish Script and have them read it out loud.

Recently, my wife and I stopped to eat at a Mexican Ranchito in Ocala, Florida. Suddenly, after we were seated, there was a flood of people who came in at one time. I asked the waitress, “Where did all these people come from?” She answered this is a rest stop for buses traveling from Miami to Houston on to Mexico. Our eyes lit up like kids on Christmas Day. We located the driver and asked permission to pray for safety, protection, and provision for the passengers (who were migrant farm workers) going back home.

The bus driver said, “Yes, please do!”
We prayed, he translated, the Gospel was preached, and 53 people were saved on our first international crusade at the Ranchito Restaurant, in Ocala, Florida!

Since then, we have had over 150 decisions for Christ just by showing up on Saturdays and praying for people as they board the bus for the next stretch of their trip. The people are so thankful! The Bus Drivers look forward to us. Everyone receives a Gospel Soul Winning Script to take home and pray with their families. Hallelujah! Only heaven knows the eternal impact we are making on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Amen.

Regina W. Testimony

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Before moving to Tampa Florida in Jan 2008 I had been saved for 20 years and I am embarrassed to say that I had only won 5 people to the Lord. I always had a desire to win people to the Lord but I did not know how and I was intimidated. Since coming to The River at Tampa Bay church and most recently the River Bible Institute Bible College I have become a radical soul winner.

I personally have won over 2000 people to the Lord. I do my best to win people to the Lord every day. Soul winning is part of my every day life and I intend to continue living that way. I use the Gospel Soul Winning script all the time and I am amazed how easy it is to win people to the Lord. I find that most people are thankful that someone took the time to tell them about Jesus.

Recently my husband and I had to take a trip back home to California. We were in a fast food restaurant and I felt impressed of the Lord to go talk to two guys that were eating lunch. I just walked up and introduced myself and then went straight into the script. The two of them were looking up at me almost mesmerized. I knew the Holy Spirit was working on their hearts. When it came time to pray they both bowed their heads and repeated the prayer of salvation. I could see an instant change in their faces.

Afterward I spoke to them for a few minutes about following God’s plan for their life and encouraged them to find a good bible believing church. Both of them reached out to shake my hand and thanked me for taking the time to share with them. The harvest is indeed plentiful and the laborers are few.

Rebecca W. Testimony

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Soul winning was not something I was used to doing; in fact before I came here I had never ever led someone to the Lord before. When I came to the river soul winning was one of the most terrifying things I have ever had to do. But over time it got easier, it is like riding a bike, it gets easier as you learn until you are a pro and then you never forget how to do it. That is what soul winning is like for me I feel like a pro, I love going out on the streets and talking to people, and seeing their eyes light up and their whole demeanor change right in front of your eyes.

Last week while I was out on the streets the Lord allowed me and another soul winner to pray for a man and his leg was healed, The Lord has never used me in that way it was so excited to be used of the Lord like that, I can only pray I will be that privileged again. I really do enjoy going out now the Lord has opened me up so much. I love I feel so bold when I go out, although I must admit I still get a little nervous sometimes but I pray for boldness and the power of God just flows over me and I am filled with boldness.

The Lord has been so good to me this past year in regards to soul winning, if I ever had a bad day He always seems to make it up to me. Boldness and a more open personality is what I feel soul winning has given to me, and I have been growing more and more on the things of God all because of Soul winning.