Revival in Tampa Florida

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Sheldon and I saw the River online in South Florida. We were already moving to Tampa because we felt the Lord opening doors here. However, we did not know what church to go to. We went online and watched one service and God spoke to me and told me this church was a “launching pad” for people to go out and preach the gospel. (Sheldon felt the same way). To my surprise, we received a confirmation during one of your video presentations when we came to visit the church. It showed a rocket launching. We knew the river was the church. We had to sell our home in order to move. We had a buyer, but due to a plumbing issue that occurred where they had to dig up our driveway and yard, and her wanting to lower the purchase price further, she declined at the last minute. We were in a desperate situation because we just leased an apartment in Brandon and needed to close on our home immediately. Otherwise, we would have a mortgage payment and a lease (We could not afford this)!!! We took the “for sale” sign out of the yard while the city workers fixed the plumbing problem. A man we never seen before drove up, asked if one of the workers was the owner, the worker directed him to Sheldon who was in the house. The man said “God gave me a dream about this house and told me to buy it”. He was a Hatian evangelist. He said he did not even need to step into the house to see it, and offered the price God told him to buy it for, and it was exactly the price we were asking and believing the Lord for. This was an absolute miracle and we closed on the home without any problems. We know without a doubt that we are here to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives through this ministry because of how we got here. I wanted to share this so that others will see just how Big our God really is. He will never leaves us nor forsakes us.” LaReba Gilling

LaReba G
Riverview Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #37 Cincinnati, OH | Judy B Testimony

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Was in NH, 80+ year old lady was shocked and so excited that God sent someone to pray with her. Her whole countenance changed. The people in the nursing home were so grateful that someone would come and pray for them. They would cry then smile. She came with team from Illinois for the whole week to go witnessing and bring this back to her church. I started attending The River in 2000….My husband had left me & was in Israel……I began to have joy & quickly found a good job……I attended every service……….I am currently staying in Israel & came here in 2007……..I have been able to do some relief work in the West Bank, shine God’s light to the Muslims & last night visited an American Jewish woman in a nursing home………& worshipped later with Amer. Christians, Messianic Jews & non-Believers………God is,now, calling me to India to work in an orphanage……..I am waiting on the visa to come back……..I remember Rodney talking about the wind of His Spirit………..I truly needed to put my feet in The River & I am one of those who looked like a bullfrog in a Florida storm………..I was in a storm, but look at where God has led me………..May God continue to bless everyone there……………

Judy B
Tampa Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #37 Cincinnati, OH | Elizabeth Z Testimony

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Gentleman Charles began to cry: “Has anyone ever told you that God loves you?” Ex-pastor’s wife. Guys in van parked started crying. Lee Kirk and wife walking down along the street going to civil court. They had no hope a house deal where a down payment for a home purchase was not returned. They thought no church would want them. After praying, they felt hope for their situation. 8 out of 9 people (unsaved) I talked to accepted Jesus. I watched a comatose man receive Christ – blinked his way to salvation. Woman with dementia came out of confusion and repeated the prayer. After the prayer she back into confusion. It was amazing.

Elizabeth Z
Ohio United States

Great Awakening Tour City #37 Cincinnati, OH | Shirley F Testimony

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Youngest man in whole place, 45 years old, barely coherent. Looked very hard, weeping as he asked Christ into his heart. Led 23 people to the Lord together. Led waiter at cracker barrel to Lord. Also went up to a guy in his car, went through the script. He asked is this for Jesus too, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord. Also prayed with several people who started weeping. University, 2 girls on cellphone. One said I just found out I have cancer, rededicated. Laid hands on her, very receptive. Her demeanor changed.

Shirley F
Virginia United States