Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Kendrick T Testimony

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NH I was talking to a man who was in his 70’s age rank & he was a Baptist minister in his younger age and when I walked in, he was reading the wonderful Book of Psalms. I spoke to close to twenty people & led one to the Lord & I also prayed that she would receive the wonderful Baptism of the Holy Ghost. On the way home in the car I had joy. Spoke with 3 people. 3 people got saved. We went to housing project Streets Walmart-led about four souls to the Lord and then Jefferson Mall three and spoke to so many.It was such an experience.

Kedrick T
Kentucky United States

Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Ruth K R Testimony

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This man as an elder of a local church. I walked up to him and told him that God had a wonderful plan for his life. He kept going on to tell me every Sunday he was in church, he said he was an elder, and a deacon on a church board. But I just kept going on with script. I asked him if he were to die tonight, would he go to heavean?, and he looked at me and said no! So I lead him to the Lord in less than 60 seconds! NH Prayed yesterday and led 34 people to the Lord and two of the workers at the nursing home. It is so good to see their faces change from sad to happy. I felt so blessed to be able to pray for God’s people. Went to a nursing home today in my area & I believe it was 7 that prayed the sinners prayer-went on own to.

Ruth K R
Kentucky United States

August. 26 , 2008 | Carole C Testimony

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ON August 26, 2008 I was out looking for employment and while visiting a potential job site they were closed for the day. I then asked a woman sitting nearby on the front lawn bench if she had any information regarding the facility hours of operation and after this brief encounter I walked towards my car when suddenly I felt this incredible urge to go back to the woman – I did and proceeded with the salvation script and right there in front of three children Miriam accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, and continued to smile with a radiance on her face. I walked away so overwhelmed and began to pray for heavens outpouring and blessing from heaven on her life and children. WOW! Hallelujah! Glory to God The Holy Spirit is moving! Thank you Jesus!!! We have been touched by your minitry over the years. we have lots of the videos from the past you have taught on. I have been showing them to people in our home… but on the 26th of Aug 2008 we were watching the web and the annointing came into our home I sat crying and laughing we were all touched.. so keep up listening to God as people are being set free… I pray for the Lord to give both of you His strengh and His blessings… Love you both Frank & Carole

Carole C
Penticton British Columbia Canada

Great Awakening Tour City #35 Ft. Worth, Tx

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Pastor Rodney, Was at the meetings and went out 4 days with the laborers to bring in the harvest. I had a liver transplant in april 2006 and had HEP-C they said for over 30 years. In April of 2007 the doctors told me I would have to have a 2nd transplant because the hep-c was scarring the new liver I had and giving me soroces of the liver again. Because of insurance issues I had to wait till July for my 2nd annual checkup .I had no strength in my body to do anything but I knew and told GOD I would go out when I got the flyer in the mail about the GAT at Calvary. I began to feel better and went out all those days and came to the meetings and was not tired. You prayed for me that Friday night after I testified I was going that Tuesday the 23 of July for my check up. My liver numbers were the best they’ve been in 16 months and closer to normal than at any time. The doctors told me in all reality that I was supposed to be dead. I have gone through rejection 4 times since my transplant. They told me everyone else dies they did not expect me to make my 2nd checkup. Today I got results from my blood test for the hep-c it has been at the lowest last time in May of 2007 13.5 millon this time it was 116,000 in july 2008. The Doctor said almost as if it wasn’t there I told him it’s NOT, JESUS HAS HEALD ME. I believe it’s all because I’m out as a laborer doing my part in the harvest. I have 2 nursing homes lined up for Saturday the 23 of August in Killeen Texas ,my brother pastors a church there I’m believing for at least ten to come get trained and help that day .I told you we could not quit just because you were leaving and I can’t stop its why Jesus healed me. MY soul goal for Saturday is 300.

Barry M
Fort Worth Texas United States