Lauren Price Testimony

rodney howard browne

This Sunday I was a part of the worship and the choir with the children. We had investing a good amount of time preparing for these songs. I was really excited when the Main Event came because all the kids were so excited to sing for the congregation. Before the children came on we all sang worship and that was amazing. Then the kids came on stage and we sang out special songs. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as the choir did.

After worship I was to go upstairs and help in hospitality, where we serve the pastors and special guests. This was a privilege to serve the men and women of God. Although I was not in service at all, I was able to hear all the amazing testimonies of what God had done in the peoples lives.

And I think that’s the most important part of serving and helping out in the church. We are all the body and we all have different gifts placed on the inside of us. It’s so amazing to watch everyone pull together for a greater cause, for the salvation and ministering of others.

There is a sweet lady named Sharon that I met a few times while ushering. I hadn’t seen her face before so I started talking to her and making sure she was comfortable and had a good seat. She was somewhat irritable though. But each Sunday I’d see her face, and each time it got brighter and brighter. We’d give each other big hugs every Sunday and I just enjoyed loving on her. I introduced her to my sister and we all talked. Though I wasn’t in service this Sunday, my sister had seen her and talked to her. She asked, “Have you noticed anything different?” And my sister didn’t figure it out. Excitedly Sharon said, “I’m not using my walker anymore!”

At the end of the day, after we all had served and gone home, my sister told me the story. It almost made my entire day. I couldn’t stop thinking about the new growth in Sharon’s life, her transition from using a walker and having a disability to hearing the Word of God and standing on her healing.

The most important lesson I learned was we all work together to make a grand picture. When everyone comes together in unity and in one accord there is fruit that withstands anything.


Lauren P

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Rachel R Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

About four months ago I had a very strong inner witness that I need to share the Gospel script with my friend Kevin.I had been a friend to Kevin for about five years and over the last couple my walk got stronger with the Lord and Kevin didn’t understand how a person could want to spend so much time at church I had invited him a few times but never did he. He lived about one hour from the church I attended one afternoon. pastor preached about the urgency to tell friends and family about Jesus. So the Lord put Kevin on my heart I asked him to meet me for lunch and he did that day. I told him I was not leaving until he prayed the script with me and he did accept Jesus. Then one week later was killed in a car accident in Lakeland, Florida.

“I will never foget the day my life was truly transformed. I lay on the ground laughing uncontrollably for 2 hours. I did not quite understand this laughter, but I told God if this is you I want it. God miraculously healed my heart (spirit) of alot of wounds. I did not kn ow how to get rid of the hurt, but that day God reached down on the inside and took it away. Today I am still receiving deep healing from the joy of the Lord. I believe 2007 is the year GOd will complete that work. When I break out in laughter during service, many do not understand it. My pastor has said God is just continuing to heal my wounds. I pray I never lose that joy. I will continue to be obedient to the Holy Spirit no matter what. Man may never understand. I pray my church here in Mississippi will be free to experience God’s awesome joy. It’s not just about the manifestation, but what is happening on the inside of that person. If only they could see with spirit eyes. I will eternally be greatful for the joy and freedom I received that day in Tampa on the USF campus in 1999. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit have complete control.

Rachel R
N/A Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | Stephen S Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii

First time ever–Christians for 16 years– It was my first time going soul saving. I was kind of afraid and didn’t think I would get many saved. My goal was 5 and I got 3 people saved. I was with my leader Carrissa and I was getting a man saved and she was talking on the man’s phone with his friend and got him saved

I am one of the RBI students that went soulwinning in Fort Walton Beach. I took my car and drove many miles each day all over the pan-handel of Florida to win souls. After getting back to Tampa I was disappointed to find out that I did not recieve gas money reimbursement but I did not get offended. I chose to right it off as seed for the harvest of souls. The Sunday morning after returning from Fort Walton, Pastor Rodney said, “I want you students that went to Fort Walton and made a sacrifice to know that God is going to reward you for your sacrifice.” I claimed that Word and believed it. The very next day I sent my boss an e-mail to request off two more weeks of work so that I could also go to the Jacksonville and Greensborough Great Awakening. I called to see if he recieved the e-mail and I was expecting him to be unhappy about me wanting so much time off especially after being gone for eight days already. He said that he was able to give me the time off and that he was going to give me a raise! That raise would pay for all the gas, oil change, etc., and time off work from Fort Walton in just a few months of being paid at the new rate of wages. Thank you Jesus!

Stephen S
none given Hawaii United States