Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | WibitzaS Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii
–Radio– –great experience!D –will train some people in the Phillipines to do the same –love the material

I submitted a testimony on the reality of the power of God and its lasting effects, but also want to praise God for the fire of the Holy Spirit that touched me way back on July 18, 1995 in St. Louis, Mo. And it literally has fueled my walk with Jesus and that fire has never decreased, but only increased all these years on into where we are now in March of 2007! When His fire touches you, you just can’t ever be the same ever again! In the meeting, some pastors were testifying, but I began to get lost in the Presence of the Lord until I knew I was in the meeting, but in the Spirit the Lord gave me a vision of the ministry that was to be birthed in my life. I could hear the people in the meeting, but I found myself at a major intersection in my city where if you face on east you are looking towards Belleville, IL where I live and if you turn and look west, that street changes names and you are looking to the city of East St. Louis, IL.

I saw myself in the middle of that intersection facing my city, standing straight up with arms straight out to my sides and palms facing outward (very much like the position of Jesus on the cross). Before me were a large number of people and as I looked, I saw fire flowing out of my mouth and from the palms of my hands into the people and they were swept to the ground; there seemed to be power surging through them from their heads to their feet and back again, over and over. Then they stood up and went everywhere: into schools, workplaces, their churches, homes, etc., and some even to other cities, States and Nations. They had a flame of fire, white hot, over their heads and I didn’t understand ( I was only a few years old in the Lord), so I asked the Lord what that flame was above their heads. Immediately I saw the letters L-O-V-E appear in the flames on them, and knew and understood that this was real Revival fire: a burning, consuming love and passion for Jesus! And wherever these people went, they carried the fire and touched others with it who in turn were ignited with love for Jesus. I turned and faced East St. Louis and the same thing happened there as well. There’s a little more to the vision, but when it was over the fire of God came in my feet, hotter and hotter until I knew if I didn’t do something they were going to burn up! I had to move! I began to work my way down to the front, which took some time (there were around 8,000 in the meeting) and for some reason no ushers or security stopped me.

There was a large area around the platform, and the fire was so hot now that I began to run in long circles around the auditorium shouting, “Fire!” over and over again. Little did I know, but several others had the fire in their feet as well and had made their way down at the same time, so we all began to run together shouting about the fire of God! I recall Pastor Rodney saying for us all to run in the same direction, “that all things may be done decently and in order”. 🙂 When we stopped, we all fell under the power and just laid there, and I don’t recall for sure if it was Brother Rodney or another minister who prophesied that those who were running that night, the Lord was going to send to the nations to run with the fire of God. That was July of 1995; seven days before in a meeting the Lord both healed me of asthma and called me to the ministry. Then this vision and touch of the fire, followed by the Lord speaking to me the next day in the meeting about the mighty revival coming to the St. Louis Metro-East area. That vision and touch of fire has fueled my walk with God, my witnessing and lay ministry I did from then until March of 2006 when I was ordained. The Lord was building a strong foundation in me all these years, but the fire has always been there to touch people who are hungry for Him.

I close my testimony with this: I asked the Lord later why I didn’t see as many people touched, really touched and ignited by the fire the way my heart longed to see. And He brought me back to the significance of the position I saw myself in in the vision, standing with arms outstretched to my sides, the way Jesus hung on the cross. And He told me as clear as anything that I would only see the fire flow in great measure when I was in the place Paul spoke of in Galatians 2:20, counting myself crucified with Christ and that it was not I who lives but Christ living in (and through) me; dead to self and sin, but alive to God and the Spirit. The fire that fell in the early church, is the same fire that has fallen on all who have hungered for it down through history; it’s the same fire that you hear Brother Rodney talk about that fell on him when he was 18 years old and so hungry for the fire that he told the Lord, “Either you come down and touch me with your fire or I’m going to die and come up there and touch you.” That was the cry of his heart and the Lord met him. It’s the same fire that fell on me and has not waned over more than a decade, but has increased more and more, and now the Lord is opening many doors for me, and the time has come that I am watching that vision from 1995 begin to come to pass here in my city and this area. The fire has been burning in me, purifying my heart and life, and cooking up a ministry over all these years that isn’t a microwave ministry, but one that is oven-baked like a good home cooked dinner that has so much more taste and substance than a frozen dinner that takes 3 minutes and it’s ready. So catch this from my testimony: The fire of God is real; it lasts; if you keep it stirred up yourself, it will change the course of your life forever, but you must not only enjoy the passion it brings. Allow it to burn out of you all that is contrary to the Word of God and all that is not pleasing to the Spirit of God, and may your highest and greatest goal be to let it consume everything until there’s nothing left of you for the world to see, but Jesus. To God be the glory! Rev. Bryan E. A, Anointed Love Ministries, Belleville, IL

Wibitz S
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Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | Will M Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii
Soul winning in Laking–only 10 min from his house–guy got saved–extremely thankful

Greetings in the name of Jesus, in the middle of the year of 1992 l got born-again even so l didn’t know how to get born-again because l didn’t understand the word of God’s wasn’t saved in a church or have any pastor pray over me l didn’t know nothing had a Good news bible but l didn’t understand it l opened up to a passage which said love your enemies? love your enemies you got to be joking and tossed the bible in the bin l didn’t know, for three days l was crying out for God l didn’t want to talk to man l want to talk to God to cut a long story short a friend of mine ask me to go down to her house in July of 1993 to see a Video of Rodney Howard-Browne who’s that l said l didn’t know, as we started to watch this Video a Wind came into the living room l thought sue had open the back door l said it must be winded outside at that moment l started speaking in new Tongues it shock me l relished l had been baptized in the Holy Spirit thank God for you Rodney and your beautiful wife and three lovely children you are a blessing have also sensed such a freedom on your Web site that l haven’t found on other sites l was watching the DVD Vision for America just today when the lord put on my heart to email you and thank you for your ongoing Obedience to him

Will M
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Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | Sebastian G Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii

1st time out–out of 17 people–6 were saved–only 4 rejected–+6 asked Christ into heart–Ray Park area–thank you + were very happy! 17 years old–1st time witnessing 9 out of 20 people got saved. He saw people’s countenance change and they became happy after the prayed. He just read the script–it was a lot easier with the script. He was very appreciative of his team leader–Sue–who helped him to step out–he felt very encouraged

My wife and I along with our 4 children attended that service that night. We were expecting a touch from God. He didn’t disappoint us! I was jolted really good that night, drove back 4 hours to home that night drunker than a skunk! You see, something that night happened but didn’t know what it was, but something that the Lord was going to do. The next week I was watching Jester Franklin on TV and he was teaching on fasting. Very good teaching on the subject. The Holy Spirit began to deal with me on that, and Im not talking about a 2 or 3 day fast, but a 20 or 30 day fast. I promised the Lord I would began a fast to seek him and only Him after I felt better. You see, I wasn’t feeling very good. Kind of the Flu bug. So on December 6 2006, I went home from work, after working for 1 hr that day. I began to vomit every 10 to 15 minutes, with that was extreme pain in my stomach area.

I did that for 4 hours straight without any relief and the pain intensified every time I vomited. My wife took to the ER and they discovered I had a Gallstone that was lodged in a duct, and it required surgery. The doctor wouldn’t put me in surgery until Saturday and this was on a Wednesday, because my kidneys would shut down on the operating table. So I laid in the hospital for 3 days in great pain. It was supposed to be a normal routine gallbladder surgery, instead it became a old routine surgery. That means the old fashioned cut from the chest to belly button. The doctor got in there and discovered I developed Parities. That gallstone blocked everything which backed up all that poison on my liver, pancreas and etc. I stayed in the ICU for 7 days, with a 50 50 shot of making it. Doctor left my stomach open for 3 days to get that infection out, and then another surgery to close me up. I was supposed to stay in the hospital for 6 weeks, but I got out of there in 2. I left the hospital with a feeding tube inserted in my small intestine and a drain tube inserted in my stomach. I got to be home for Christmas!!!!

I finally ate my first meal on January 3 2007, a full month without eating anything!!!! The feeding and drain tubes came out on the 17th that month and went back to work on February 12th. What Im trying to get around to is this. Without that touch I received in November, I believe I wasn’t going to live trough that ordeal. Im at a age of 35 years, healthy, but would have died without a healing touch from Jesus!! And for the fasting story, Didn’t eat anything for 30 days and I fasted and kept my promise somehow. Lost 40 lbs., which I needed to lose, but not recommended the way I did it!!! My wife and I watched God move in front of our eyes. My boss had a check for me every week, and he played me over a 40 hour work week. Local churches including ours gave us money, food, Christmas gifts for the kids and many other things. Family and friends visited and was reunited with one of my closest friend. I have insurance with a 2500 hundred deductible. Every hospital bill is paid in full, with the money given to us. God supplied every penny!!! Not only these gifts, but peoples lives were changed in my community of 7000 people trough this ordeal. The bottom line is this. Jesus loves us, but what’s sad is we don’t love him enough. He has called me to preach the gospel, save the lost, because HE IS COMING!!!!! And that’s what im going to do. I have fallen in Love with JESUS all over again. I had to share this testimony because it started with you Pastor Rodney. May God bless you and your entire family. God Bless, Bryan and Kari Haynes.

Sebastian G
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Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | Ruth R Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii

16 years old–Monday she went out witnessing for the first time with Holly–8 out of 9 people got saved she prayed with 20-year-old man and God touched him–he almost started crying

What can I say, but that when I walked into that church on Tuesday with my good friend Tim Gidley, I never expected what was about to follow. I had seen Pastor Rodney on TV once before a number of years ago when he imparted to Oral and Richard Roberts the anointing of joy, but thought it was some sort of fad or hoax. Never thought much about it since. The past six years have been a roller coaster ride of good and horrible. Religion just about killed me. I could not take another minute in another church with another stinking sermon on how to try to live my life according to someone else’s rules. The way they felt I should look or behave. The type of work that I should be performing, or the type of “ministry” I should perform for them. So needles to say , the only reason I came was for my friend Tim. I had owned a restaurant back in Memphis Tn., and a Limo service.

The restaurant at the beginning did very well until 9/11 when no one wanted to go out at night due to fear. My business began to fail. One morning on my way to work the neighbor lady was banging on my front door yelling fire. I thought their home was on fire , so I ran out of the house to find my limo burning to the ground in my driveway. In one fell swoop within a few months, we lost both companies. We had to sell our home to get out from under the payments. Then the very worst happened and after moving to Florida my wife lost her job. We were living now on one tenth of what we were previously making, although we still had the bills pilling up. We had to declare bankruptcy. A few months later the I.R.S. put a lein on our finances due to unpaid back taxes in the amount of sixty thousand dollars. We could not pay this. The interest and penalties started to pile up.I had a nervous breakdown at this point and got fired from my position as a chef at a hotel. So from 2003 to 2007 I have not been able to work and have been in severe depression.

My wife was finally able to gain a position here in Jax. so we moved here. I have been going to therapist and shrinks for almost 3 years now and no relief. On the verge of suicide and smoking weed every day. Plus all the pills the docs have been feeding me. But suddenly!!!!!!Without warning!!!! JESUS found me and loved me. He used a man who just walks around speaks the word and spreads joy wherever he goes. How can this be , I asked myself. Never experienced anything like this in my life. When Jesus touched me that first night and the next , and the next, and the next heee heee haaa haa, it was like being plugged into a million volts of electricity. My body vibtated for days. I could not stop if I wanted to. The greatest thrill was to have the privilege to go out with the ministry team, and witness in our inner city here in Jax, and help lead 5 people to the Lord. Yeah right on the street. Wow, how cool is that, and I just turned 50 this year. I thought my life was over. Thank God He is not done yet. To Pastor Rodney and the team, my sincere thanks and gratitude will never be enough. My life was not only changed, but literally saved. I wanted to die, and was looking for a way to do it. Thank you for coming to Jax, and lighting this fire, fore it will never burn out. It will continue to burn, set more fires, and fight the battle against religion, and it’s destructive forces. The praises of God will be uopn my lips and the new found joy will always be in my heart. Hope to see you all soon. Your new partner in Christ(The Anointing)

Ruth R
none given Hawaii United States