Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida Extended | Barbara N Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida Extended

There were two different ladies one only worship outreach and the other was a Christian Scientist. The Good News is that they both heard the gospel preached, and they both made an open confession of salvation with thier mouths out loud! Glory to God!

14 months I was saved from homosexuality. In 1994 I decided that instead of being married I would divorce my family and live as a homosexual. God has helped me to do a complete 180 and now all I want to do is serve Him. My thoughts are now on Jesus and what I can do for Him. Many people including Christian’s believe that once a homosexual always a homosexual. I’ve got news for you, their wrong! My God can do anything and during your Revival in Jacksonville, FL God gave me a desire to do greater exploits than He did while on this earth. Up until this point very few Christian’s knew about my past, but I must shout out the good news that the bondage of homosexuality can be lifted by God. I am free, thank God I am free. HALLELUIA. It’s ALL about HIM, Greg H

I attended the meeting last week and went out witnessing on the streets in downtown Jacksonville and was totally transformed! My daughter is a senior at a public high school with 3000 students that she describes as hell. I am taking her and several of her other on fire Christian friends out witnessing this Tuesday(at our local Wal-mart!)so that we can not only win lost souls, but also so that they can become on fire for the lost! I made copies from your web site of the soul-winning script for my daughter and her friends. The end result is that they will go back and canvas their school to save the lost! What an awesome gift to leave their school! Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Mandarin High! They only have 2 weeks! Thank you so much for coming to Jacksonville!ps:Jake was an AWESOME team leader!

Barbara N
N/A Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Hazel S Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

I met about 30 people today 2 people actually stood at. A woman was watching TV, and I asked her If I could interupt her TV time to pray with her. She said she was glad I came as I read the script. I prayed and she accepted prayer. She told me she has three children and they don’t visit her but she always pray for her, and I assured her that God would never leave her.

My son, Stewart and I were blessed to be able to attuned the Friday night Great Awakening tour in Greensboro. We stayed for the whole service. I was so blessed to hear Rodney pour out his heart for the souls that are created for God’s good pleasure to come to CHRIST. My son has been born again since he was 3 years old. On Christmas eve, of 2006, he was healed, delivered and set free in CHRIST. During the service, he went down front and recommitted his life to CHRIST. On Saturday, we were blessed to be able to go thru the soul winning class. Then we went to Kmart parking lot in Greensboro and the LORD truly blessed!!! Stewart and one of the girls with us, Khadi, were so bold in the LORD. Khadi led 12 souls to JESUS, Stewart led 17. I don’t know how many our group actually led to JESUS, but the script made it so easy. And The LORD, HE was just awesome. Watching what he did thru these young lives was such a blessing, I know I will never be the same. We had one customer go back inside and tell the manager, who came out to tell us to leave. Our group leader lead him to JESUS by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and using the scrip. I know I will never be the same. And now I hope the LORD will open the doors so that we can continue witnessing for HIM. To GOD be all the glory!!! And Thanks be to GOD that Pastor Rodney is pouring out his and the Lord’s heart to compel the lost to come unto the LORD. We need more Pastors to stand up and do the same, and more people who say they are Christians to go and do the greater works that JESUS did and compel the lost to come to HIM!!!

Hazel S
N/A Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Rosa R Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

Saved 23 years. Today was my first time I went out to take the Good News. I spoke to this gentleman who told me he was going for sure to hell, but thank God he end up asking the Lord to come into his life. I sopke to six persons and five asked the Lord to come into their hearts. Glory to God!!! She just read the script and people got saved.

My friend, my brother, four small children and I drove to the Great Awakening tour in Greensboro from Knoxville,TN. We were definitely hungry, we had been looking forward to this meeting for months. The week flew by, Friday night, Pastor Rodney prayed for the fire of God to fall on the people, Nothing happened to us, or so it seemed. We decided to leave for Tennessee that night since we were wide awake and the kids would be sure to sleep through the night, it would be easier. Halfway through, my friend pulled over at a rest stop, got out and was sweating, shaking, crying, glowing. She said she had been in another world and had something to tell us. She put her hands on my brother and I and the power hit us immediately.

She prophesied that my brother would bring the gospel not only to the U.S., but to nations, and that his son would do even more than him. That The Lord’s hand is upon him, That we both will have a great impact on lots of lives, and my whole family will be saved. (My other brother is an atheist) We all went home with the power of God all over us, I’ve never felt like this before, but I know I’ll never be the same. This conference has truly changed our lives. Now we’re taking the fire we got to our church, and Tennessee will be awakened! Praise God!

Rosa R
N/A Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #21 Miami, Florida | Rebecca R Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #21 Miami, Florida

I used to serve God with all my heart back when I was 13 years old. Then, the devil tried to pull me down and I’m embarrassed to say that he did for two years. But yesterday (Jan 10, 2008) I rededicated my life to God. I will serve him again the way I used to. Now Im 15 and I have more power and I know how to express the word of God better and I’m telling you… HES GOING DOWN! He tried to stop me…. oh no! Yesterday I laughed at his face! I’m still laughing. If he isnt scared of me yet…. oh, he better start because he’s gonna lose ALOT of youth through me and the youth I’m gonna bring to God. My dead years are over… I can proudly say “I AM REVIVED!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN YOUR FACE DEVIL!!!! HAHAHAHA!!

I have been listening to ‘Signs and Wonders in the End Times, Part 1’ on the Revival ipod. If I could I would shake your hand and say ‘thank you.’ Thank you for giving us hope in America. I can’t tell you how many times I was shot down and was told that certain things that God had given me were impossible; however, God sent you here to be an example to us and give us the vision of how God wants us to break forth in those arenas of the business realm and the political realm. You have truly born the heat in the day. The gospel that Jesus preached has truly been lived out in your life. I have hope now and have been encouraged by this message not to give up. I have made up my mind that I am not going to limit God anymore and just throw caution to the wind (the wind of the Spirit of God, that is). I have been truly helped this day and my perspective has been changed on signs and wonders. My scripture that I will chew on for awhile will be Acts 4:24-30. I don’t know many that would have endured what you have endured. Some would have packed up and went home. I thank God for your tenacity and willingness to count the cost. I know great will be your reward in heaven. According to Philippians 3:17, it says, “…Mark those who so talk, as ye have us for an example.” (21st Century KJV) Me and my friends have ‘marked’ you. I have given my first ipod away and hope to give away some more. God bless you all at RMI and God willing I will see you at Summer Camp meeting.

Rebecca R
North Lauderdale Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Yvette R Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

First time doing one on one soul witnesing. At first was afraid but prayed for the Holy Spirit to break fear and he did. Led four people to the Lord. One man, she says, actual physical countenance changes. He looked at peace after the prayed the prayer (feltt a boldness come on her – no fear. The second man that said the prayer had been saved four years. The first man and his countance change to peaceful- calm. This experience changed me totally. “I went out there to change people, but God totally changed me.”

On the 18th f april in Greensboro at the great awakening tour, my wife and i redecorated our lives to CHRIST. after the service which i must say was such a blessing. we talked about it all the way home.. i had to take a friend to the VA hospital in Salisbury for surgery. since they did not have him in the computer. and he had to wait i decided to go and visit some vets in the hospital. i had never done this before and being a retired army i thought that what pastor Rodney said about winning souls would be a good start. I got permission from the nurse at the front desk. some said i could not go because things had been taken from rooms when people visited. i told them that i was retired and wanted to go and see how they were doing. they said o.k. went in one room and as i talked the man said that had it not been for GOD he would not be here today…as i left i told him that i would keep him in my prayers and GOD BLESS.

I went to another room and a young man that was a gulf war vet had almost lost his leg because he was a diabetic asked him if he died today where would ha go and he said to hell. i told him that he did not have to go to hell. JESUS died on the cross for his sins. you could tell that it was getting to him. the nurse came in and then the phone rang. he told me that he respected what i believed in but he did not want to ask JESUS to come into his life. I told him i would like to ask if it was ok that i pray for him when i prayed that night he said octet seed was planted.. i went to another room. a young man had a hip replacement and as we begin to talk i told him how GOD had delivered me and how i came to love him and asked him if he died today where would he go and he said to hell. i told him that JESUS died on the cross for his sins. could i pray for him and he let JESUS forgive him of his sins and come into his heart. he said ok. i told him to bow his head and, he repeated the prayer…and GOD forgave him…i asked that we keep in touch and gave him my # and address…because of the privacy laws and it was a versants hospital. his name is Paul and the ANGELS IN HEAVEN REJOYED WHEN ONE SINNER COMES TO CHRIST..

Yvette R
N/A Florida United States