Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Eugene B Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

First time working nursing homes. Talked to 24 people and 19 received Christ,

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to send this to you, but I wanted to share (briefly I hope) what God did for our family (and really the Houston community) during that first meeting ya’ll had in Humble TX. Personally, I am thankful for God’s touch on my youngest daughter Kelsey who is 4. Our oldest daughter (10) was always so open to the Holy Spirit that we were baffled by the resistance the youngest had, despite the constant exposure she had (similar to the oldest). To make a long story short, Kelsey was rambunctious most of the service, and it almost escalated when Pastor Rodney was praying for the pastors at the end. She wanted to know why we couldn’t be prayed for, she was ready to go home. Explanation on deaf ears, I tried to engage her in the excitement of watching others receive when Rodney turned to come down the isle in our direction. She immediately became well behaved, but when he passed she again was upset because he didn’t say “Jesus” to her. I explained that receiving from God was a preparation of your heart and being ready, her attitude was apparent that she hadn’t been ready the rest of the service, and she couldn’t expect to receive when and where she wanted.

She had to want God to touch her bad enough that she was ready to receive anytime. I was a little frustrated, so I told her that maybe she just didn’t want God bad enough. Finally, we had communication and she immediately threw up her hands into the air and was bawling for me to pray for her to want it bad enough. So I am praying over her, with her wailing for me to pray harder, and then she looks at me and announces that she needs to go up to the front. Because of the obvious change in her heart I encouraged her. She went twice (the first time she wasn’t noticed in the adults) but I encouraged her to patiently wait her turn. She did, and when she came back to where we were sitting, she was gently crying about how she could feel God’s love all over her. She said it was on her and in her. She said it felt like crunchy marshmallows and it was so good. Praise God for this break trough! She now knows how real He is. Answer to prayer. Also, for the Houston area, something we wanted to share that we see changing as a result of your ministry here in Humble. I saw a fire ignite for others to get involved with Evangelism. More than just helping out another ministry, but the fire to reach souls in their own respective communities. People from all over the Greater Houston Area took this back to their communities.

We spoke with so many people who were awed to see God use them. We used the same type of outreach technique to go out into some other areas of Houston as well (God just lead us to churches with a heart but no know how). We were able to teach them in turn how to reach their communities as well. Our Goal is an outreach a quarter. So your seed planted here continues to grown and RESOW itself! That is God working through you. Be encouraged! Scott and Melanie Luce

Eugene B
N/A Florida United States