Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Barbara Naim Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

Within one hour and fifteen minutes. 67 souls were saved. We did the “bus stop jump on”, and preached the gospel. The power of God searched out this certain man. I preach the gospel and he began repeating the salvation prayer with great joy. We got to the point that said, “I’m forgiven” he said, “I don’t know if God would forgive me. I killed so many people in the army.” I re-assured Him that he was forgiven. He had tears streaming down his face. While preaching the gospel on the bus there he was smiling. One man reached into his pocket and gave me some money. He said, ” Just keep on reaching the gospel.”

Hey Guys, I have been wanting to get in touch with you for years. Back in 95 I started to watch God T.V and to my delight I came across your ministry amongst others. I was greatly moved by Rodney’s testimony and also the anointing that is upon the ministry, I would watch Rodney and Ironical minister under the anointing and would be so touched. I never did speak out Lord touch me with it, I just used to sit and drink it in, until one day in 1997 I was heading up a public meeting and the same anointing that is on you both HIT ME in such power i ended up on the floor along with a number of other people attending, it was awesome, there where people all over the place, some where crying, some where laughing, there where people on the floor rolling under the chairs, they where even stuck to the floor, also i couldn’t speak properly for 3 days but whenever i did manage to get a grip the anointing would flow again and touch whoever i was talking to at the time. One night in particular i was watching Revival at the River in my lounge and the Spirit of God hit me so strong He said ” It will be similar” although i have never quite understood what that was supposed to mean i just know that my life has NEVER been the same since, whenever i watch you guys and hear the worship God touches me in an awesome way that is amazing, i needed to share this with you as the Lord has been forever faithful in my life. I pray Gods continual guidance, strength and favor upon you both as you seek to serve the Lord and help to bring in the end time harvest. In His Service by His Grace Marlene Bartlett Founder of WOW UK Ministries Women of Worth

Barbara Nairn
N/A Florida United States