Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida | Selena L Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida

With favor and God’s wisdom we brought an entire lunch room to the Lord. Always arriving at nursing homes at lunch time. Today the Holy Spirit gave us the wisdom to not only minister to one or two people at one time, but lead double digit numbers of people to God. Praise God!!

Glory to God! my testimony is this I am very Glad for the Fire of God Pastor Rodney the Beginning of this year were filled with many trials first me and my child was thrown out of the home where i was renting the two women from the church that I had taken in completely turned against me along with my landlord who was a friend. then on the 12th of April I was in a car Accident and now here comes the Big one on Monday of this week I Became a Victim is a internet Nigerian scam which landed me in Jail Yes that’s right I was arrested for worthless travels checks which i did not know was counterfeit now the good part after I was processed into the unit they put me in a cell with a young lady that had not eaten in three days at first she was very quiet so i just prayed God I know that I am here for someone because sometimes you will end up in some unlikely places just to do what the Lord has charged you to do so while we were on lockdown I asked her had she given her life to Christ and at that instant she begin to cry she told me that she had just started to get her life together and that every time she started to do good bad things would come up so I began to minister the word to her I read to her John 10:10 also Romans 8:1 and I told her that now was the time to get it right and I went through the script with her she gave her life to Christ right there then the got up and had dinner Praise the Lord! then there was another young lady who was very hurt and crying and I began to minister to her as well she got saved too as soon as I was done with the last young lady they called my name and told me I was going Home. Pastor Rodney I thank God for the Fire and the Word of God because without it there is no other way to live and i never look at things in the natural because God is Supernatural and that’s where I want to live in His presence on fire1 filled with the Holy Ghost! SOUL WINNING HOLY GHOST RAMBO Love you Laura W

Selena L
N/A Florida United States