300 Foxes – Samson’s Revenge

In Judges chapter 15 verses 4 + 5

Samson took 300 foxes and set fire to their tails and let them loose in the fields of the enemy and destroyed their crops.


I see this as a great story of wisdom in destroying the enemies fields

( the works of the devil)


I am looking for 300 foxes ( Evangelists to put fire in their tales ) and see them loose in the enemies fields decimating the works of the devil by the fire of the Holy Ghost.


One of the things that I got to think about concerning this was the fact that when he caught the foxes, lets say that there was a fox with one eye – he did not let that stop him from his quest – he just set fire to the one eyed fox and turned him loose – now I understand that they went in two’s, however I want to prove a point here. 


Then let say he caught another fox that had mange – his hair was falling out – that did not stop him he put fire on his tale and turned him loose.


Another was crippled in 1 leg and he limped – so we see he basically had a 3 legged fox – however with fire in his tale even a three legged fox moves – foxes with fire in their tales move with a sense of urgency.


Then lastly let say he caught a fox with no teeth – that did not stop him – he put fire in their tales – 


What am I trying to say – if you are a one eyed – hairless, crippled, toothless fox – there is nothing wrong with you that the fire of God would not cure.


Don’t look at your failings and shortcomings and setbacks but allow the Lord to light your fire and run through the enemies fields and reek havoc and bring in the harvest of souls for the time is short and Jesus is coming very, very soon


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It’s time to bring in the great harvest of souls!