Only Believe

These past 6 months going on the Great Awakening Tour with Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, I have really had a great revelation of what faith really is.  The Bible says that faith is a substance-it’s the substance of things that are hoped for (things you want but don’t have yet in the natural), the evidence (actual proof) of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).  Have you ever read through the Bible and realized that everything from Genesis to Revelation is supernatural?  God is a supernatural God.  He is just waiting for the man or woman that will believe Him for the supernatural.  If you will only believe, everything in your life can be supernatural.  Who you marry, what job you have, direction, provision, anything and everything. 

Did you know that when God speaks to you to do something it usually makes no sense in the natural?  Why?  If it was something that made sense, it would require no faith whatsoever.  But because it makes no sense, and there is no way that you in your own self could ever do it, your whole reliance and dependance is on God.  God spoke to Noah to build an ark, when it had never rained before.  For 100 years he preached that there was a flood coming, and many mocked him.  But he held fast to what God had told him.  He was a man just as we are and I am positive that he had thoughts and doubts from the devil that tried to come in and call him crazy.  I’m sure the enemy said, “you didn’t hear from God, what is rain?, you’ve lost your mind!”  But, thank God that he did not listen, because now we have an excellent example to follow. Just as God had said, so the flood came. 

Faith is that evidence.  Faith believes with no proof in the natural.  Faith takes the Word of God and knows that it is true.  There is a realm beyond this natural realm…it is the supernatural realm that we can tap into.  To where we have whatever we ask because we keep His commandments (1 John 3:22). 

Look at Abraham and Sarah.  They were promised a child in their old age–in their 90’s.  Imagine you grandmother and grandfather giving birth to a child!  Does that make any sense whatsoever?…NO!  But you know what, they waited for the promise for 25 years and received the promised child: Isaac. 

What has God spoken to you and promised you?  What promises in the Word are you standing on?  It shall come to pass.  Only believe.  It doesn’t matter what the natural tells you.  Faith is what you hope for and evidence of what you do not currently see.  Even though you do not see it with your natural eye, start to see it in the spirit.  Start to picture it and actually believe.  That’s when your breakthrough will come.

Soul Winning


I led 110 people to the Lord in 2 days. My goal was 100 per day. In the nursing home I met a man who was very angry & at first did not want to talk to me. As I softly spoke to him his face changed and his voice changed. He agreed to listen to me then he softened and received Christ.
Michele M.